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ODM & OEM Service

As industry experts, we understand the importance of precision, durability, and innovation in every tool. With our tailored ODM/OEM solutions, we provide an extensive range of customization options, including color, packaging, label,  instruction manual and more to create a tool kit that perfectly aligns with your brand ethos and customer expectations.

(MOQ:≥50 Sets)

Product: Manual Hoist

Appearance customization: Appearance color, logo.

Material customization: Chain T80 T100, copper alloy, stainless steel, aluminum alloy.

Function customization:360° operation, stage upside down hoist, load limiting function, with electronic scale, riot-proof, rust-proof.

Chain customization: Polished and oiled, electro-galvanized, nickel-plated, blackened, Dacromet.

Packaging customization: Customized according to customer needs such as: yellow board cartons, color boxes, wooden boxes.

KAWASAKI electric hoist DCER

(MOQ:≥300 Sets)

Product: Electric Hoist
Function customization: Such as explosion-proof, dust-proof, rain-proof, frequency conversion, two-speed, etc.

Appearance customization: Customize the appearance color, logo, etc. of the electric hoist according to the customer’s preferences.
Material customization: Customized chain T80 T100
Voltage customization: single phase three phase 110V-575V

Surface treatment customization: According to customer needs, the surface of the electric hoist is treated differently, such as spray painting, electroplating, oxidation, etc. The chain can be customized with galvanizing, nickel plating, and blackening.

Packaging customization: Customize the packaging method of electric hoist according to customer needs.

Quality Management

Kawasaki brand lifting machinery must undergo strict testing before leaving the factory.

Whole machine assembly inspection: Strictly inspect the assembly process of the whole machine to ensure that the performance of the whole machine meets the design requirements.

Factory performance testing: Conduct comprehensive testing on the performance of the entire machine, including lifting capacity, operational stability, safety performance, etc., to ensure that the product meets national standards and company quality requirements.


Hangzhou Apollo lifting machinery supports a variety of packaging, paper packaging, wooden box packaging, barrel packaging

After-sale Service

1. One-year warranty
2. Provide accessories services
3. Can provide video guidance on how to use the product
4. Can provide promotional catalog

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