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Chain Hoist
Electric Hoist

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HANGZHOU APOLLO LIFTING EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD. is a branch of Taiwan Company in China.

Our factory mainly for the research and development and production of lifting equipment.

Our company has successtully passed ISO9001 , CE, GS and other quality system certificates.

KAWASAKI electric hoist KKBB

Chain Hoist

Chain hoists are widely used and can be used in  

Industrial production
Agricultural production
Family life  

Electric hoist

Electric hoists have these advantages over hand chain hoists

Larger lifting capacity: The lifting capacity of electric hoists can generally reach tens of tons or even hundreds of tons.
Higher lifting height: The lifting height of electric hoists can generally reach tens of meters or even hundreds of meters.
Higher work efficiency: The electric hoist is driven by a motor, with fast lifting speed, labor-saving operation and high work efficiency.
Worse working environment: Electric hoist motors are usually designed to be waterproof, dustproof, and explosion-proof, and can adapt to harsh working environments, such as high temperature, low temperature, dust, acid and alkali, etc.
Higher degree of automation: Electric hoists can be equipped with control devices such as frequency converters and PLCs to achieve automated control, such as automatic limit, automatic stop, etc.
Higher safety: Electric hoists are usually equipped with safety devices such as safety limit switches and overload protection devices, which can improve safety

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